Awesome Training Opportunities

I’m one of those lucky people who receive training dollars from my employer. Today I asked my Facebook community for suggestions of trainings, and I was totally blown away by their response.

So I’ve provided the list here of the suggested trainings in case you’re looking for a training (and included some of my friends’ comments as well)!

Cognitive Edge Institute: “I saw Dave Snowden at a conference. Blew my mind.”

Disney Institute: “My wife took a few of their courses for work and loved them. Take the multi-day courses. You’ll get a lot out of them.”

Gallup Institute: “I’ve really enjoyed the gallup/ CliftonStrengths Discovery work I’ve done in the past!”

Harvard Negotiation Institute

Landmark Forum

Management Center: “It’s practical training. It isn’t fluffy.”

Next Level Trainings: “It has impacted all areas of my life, and allowed me to create my own business and non-profit”

Spark Marketing Conference

Stanford Executive Program for Women Leaders: “This one has been on my radar for years”

StrengthScope: “Friend who took it said it has profoundly changed her views on her own strengths”

Vision Day

Zero-G Flight Opportunity: “High-end customer experience management–and Spaceflight training.”


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